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show and sell - FW21 Earthen

Our Earthen collection is inspired by earthy, fresh tones that ground us, and evoke a sense of stability and calm. Sage green, terracotta, sandstone, copper, and smoky brown tones create a soft and comforting palette. Unglazed, chalky and matte surface finishes complete the look. Nature inspired colours and botanical motifs have a grounding influence and refresh the body and mind. The products tell many stories of craftsmanship and evoke a feeling of connectedness. The pieces have meaning and history beyond what you first see. Stories to be shared, pieces to be treasured, and impact to be had through their purchase.

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Earthen - Indaba FW '21 Collection
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Contact your rep or Indaba customer service to learn more about the new FW21 collection and prebook program.



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