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MAP Policy

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What's a MAP Policy?

The minimum advertised price (MAP) is the lowest price that can be publicly displayed (Print, Radio, Internet) for a product on sale. Retailers can charge whatever they want in-store, but they cannot lure new customers by advertising a price lower than the MAP.

Why set a MAP Policy?

A MAP policy is enacted by brands like lndaba to encourage our resellers to drive consumers to pay for our brand and brand value. It allows lndaba to continue deliver exceptional value for the products we manufacturer and our resellers to maintain their profit margins.

How do we monitor MAP Pricing?

lndaba sets MAP for every product that is sold by our e-commerce resellers. This information is available for all retailers and those who have both online and brick & mortar representation. We do use MAP monitoring tools to ensure compliance.

Does lndaba ever waive MAP Pricing?

Occasionally, Indaba will lift MAP pricing on a particular event window, product line or specific product. (e.g. Anniversary Sale, Black Friday, Boxing Day). lndaba takes every precaution to ensure that there is no conflict between resellers. If such a conflict is expected to occur, written notification is provided to all resellers affected. They will have the opportunity to participate in the event including MAP exception for the duration of the event.

What happens if a MAP Policy is violated?

If a violation is confirmed, lndaba immediately informs the reseller and they are expected to correct pricing to MAP within 24 Hours. If the reseller does not take corrective action, or continues to violate MAP in the future, it may result in losing distribution rights to that product, product category, or losing rights to distribute lndaba products all together.

How do we set MAP pricing?

Indaba uses a guideline of 2x mark-up from wholesale to set the MAP price. (Subject to change without notice).

For our dealers who have a discount program, this protects their profitability and allows them to confidently match (when required) and remain competitive.

Indaba SRP (Suggested Retail Price)

What's an SRP?

The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is the recommended price from a Manufacturer based on value proposition of the product and brand value.

How does Indaba set our SRP?

We review our assortment compared to our competitor's category by category and in some cases like-for like product. We determine an SRP with the consumer in mind; the features of the product and what the market will bear.

How is Indaba's SRP calculated?

The SRP is calculated from our Wholesale Price. We use a 2.5x Mark-up. (Subject to change without notice). 


For our dealers who have a discount program, this protects their profitability and allows them to  confidently match (when required) and remain competitive.

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