virtual show and sell

Welcome to our one-on-one, immersive digital market experience designed to introduce you to our new and tried-and-true products. Watch the videos relevant to your store or decor style and then contact your sales rep or Indaba's customer service team to set up an appointment. 

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Through our videos you can virtually touch and feel, see scale, and interact with products in a merchandized setting like you would at market. You'll learn about technique and texture, the culture and history behind products, and best sellers that you'd be remiss not to carry in your store. Combine the videos with our catalogue, themed categories, and one-on-one sales rep or Indaba customer service attention, and you'll be all set to create a curated Indaba order that will set your store apart. 

Shop our Fall-Winter 2022 collections too!

"Our Fall-Winter collection was designed in response to the growing desire to escape urban life and retreat to the countryside. To opt for space instead of chaos, simplicity over abundance, and nature before city lights."